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Stephanie in Spain – Week 9: Back to the Home Country! | StephanieScarci.com
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Hi all! 

This past week gave me a totally new positive energy! Every since I changed my perspective and came to terms with my situation (in the best way possible), I was feeling SO much optimistic and settled than before. As it was the week leading up to my birthday week, I decided to treat myself to a mani-pedi! Hannah and I headed to a salon in Salamanca, a really “posh” area north of the city center, but it ended up my appointment was made at the sister salon – whoops. Fortunately, they still had the time to give us both the treatment and it was HEAVENLY. 

Although it was a swift decision, I booked a flight to visit Alex in Warsaw to catch my first glimpse of Poland and to celebrate “Warsaw Alex’s” (his friend that lives in Warsaw – there are many different Alexs!) birthday. I was so excited to see Poland for so many reasons. Since a large part of my heritage is Polish, I was so excited to see where my family came from, to eat ALL of the carbs, and to be able to do it all with my love. Unfortunately, it was a very short trip – only one full day! – but I was ready to take it all in. When I first arrived in Warsaw, Alex met me at the airport and he surprised me with a room with the most beautiful view in the Marriott (with additional thanks to his parents). The Marriott is in one of the tallest buildings in Warsaw and our room was on the 39th floor out of 40 floors. The views were incredible! We had free breakfast and drinks whenever we wanted in the Executive Lounge and I was completely in awe of the experience. Since we only had one full day together, we spent it wisely walking around Old Town which was actually destroyed in WWII but rebuilt from pictures and we had tea in this really lovely shop. From here we had some traditional Polish foods (you best believe I had a plate of pierogi and I almost cried it was so great), went to see the Legia Warsaw stadium, saw the Chopin statue, had drinks with his Aunt Ewa, had some American food (which I was craving so much), and many other things in between! Since we walked 14 miles in one day, I was more than happy to enjoy all of the carbs I ate without any guilt! The next morning, he rode with me to the airport after a quick 48 hours and I was heading back home. Although it was short, I’m really looking forward to heading back to Poland for Christmastime! 

-Stephanie in Spain