So, I’m pretty sure I left a piece of my heart ( and maybe some of my liver and stomach) in Dublin, and I’m absolutely not mad about it.

Alex and I met in Dublin (after my one day of work between returning from Barcelona and  departing for Ireland) and spent about 5 days there. I have to tell you, as an American, it was the biggest breath of fresh air for me. The language, the people, the food – it ALL reminded me so much of home and made me so happy from the inside out! Plus, the amazing luck with had with great weather wasn’t so bad either. I was definitely overdressed!

On our first full day, Alex and I spent most of it walking around checking out some of the attractions. We went to Dublin Castle (which seemed miniscule after Barcelona, but I kept it in perspective) and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. We then walked around Saint Stephen’s Green, checked out the Temple Bar area for dinner and drinks.

The next day we spent mostly at the Mecca of Ireland – the Guinness Storehouse. I wanted to treat us to the day so I paid for tickets and then surprised him with two personalized Guinness glasses with our names on them as well as the connoisseur tasting experience. [I’m not sure if it was being in the birthplace of Guinness made it taste so much better, but let me tell you, Guinness is 100% much better in Ireland than anywhere else. Don’t knock it until you try it. Trust me!] The connoisseur tasting was really cool and added a whole new dimension to the experience and of course we had to get our certificate that we know how to pour a perfect pint! Afterwards, we went and ate more chicken wings that I ever had in my life (too proud to share the number) and had a great relaxing evening before heading off on our adventure tomorrow!

We spent the following day touring the Cliffs of Moher, Wild Atlantic Way and Galway City along with Hannah! The Cliffs were absolutely phenomenal and we were SO lucky with the weather. Usually, it is so cold and windy, but for us it was so sunny and actually warm. I actually felt overheated with my winter coat on! Afterwards we took the Wild Atlantic Way (which follows the coast) to Galway City. I loved the city and found it so charming and quirky. We of course had to have some fish and chips which hit the spot and then we took some time to buy books for the ride back to Dublin. I loved being able to have this experience with my fiancé and my best friend here!

On the last day, Alex had a earlier flight back to Poland and Hannah and I were on the same flight back. Unfortunately, we both had school the next day and our flights were delayed due fog unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was so bad that we were delayed 2 hours and when we were about to land, we swooped back into the air since the planes could not get off of the tarmac fast enough. It was a wild ride at the end and we ended not getting back until very late in the end.

For anyone that has ever considered going to Ireland, is Irish (in heritage or in the liver and stomach) or wants to go somewhere irresistibly charming and lovely, please go! You’ll fall in love just like I did!

Next week is the *drum roll* Holiday Edition! I’ll be writing about my first truly Polish Christmas, staying at a pastry filling village in the middle of Poland, fireworks in the streets and the Red Light District. Stay tuned!