So this starts my few weeks of more or less non-stop travel! I was so excited for these upcoming weeks since we were getting closer to the holidays and I was heading to many cities that I was dying to see! 

Hannah and I started our trip to Barcelona a little later since we arrived there at 8p. The day before we decided to book a bar crawl tour that evening so we hurried to the AirBnb, got changed, ate dinner then went to the crawl. We had a really fun time hanging out with others in the group and dancing and the bars they took us to were really interesting! I felt a little silly being there since I’m engaged and Alex wasn’t there, but Hannah and I had some great girl time together. 

The next day we woke up later and feeling a little be wounded but ready to start the day. We took a more relaxed time checking out the coast and the beach. It was obviously quite chilly since it was December on the coast, but we still walked along the beach and played around. After having some dinner, we went to be relatively early so we could be bright and chipper for the following day!

This day we went to all of the beautiful and more tourist-y sights of Barcelona: La Sagrada Famila, Park Güell and Casa Batlló. There are no words to describe how amazing La Sagrada Familia was in person, but I could imagine it was be similar to taking the awesomeness of a picture of it and multiplying by infinity. I feel absolutely in love with it and can’t wait to see how it will look when it is finished in about 10 years! Park Güell was so lovely too and we paid the extra money to sit on the benches and explore the buildings below. The view it gave of Barcelona was as breathtaking as the walk up to the Park. Fortunately the weather really cooperated and it made it a lot easier to walk around all day. 

Overall, I LOVED Barcelona and would definitely go back. It was fun to do the tourist things but it was also great to just walk around, take in the sight and discover new things such as shops and restaurants. The colors of the city and the views were worth it in itself and the people were surprisingly extremely friendly!

Next week, I’ll be heading to Dublin with Alex with a special appearance from Hannah (because of course we booked a trip to the same city at the same time) so stay tuned!