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Stephanie in Spain

From August 2016 to July 2017, I had the incredible opportunity to work in Madrid, Spain, travel throughout Europe and got to share my adventures here!

Stephanie in Spain: Cruising in Croatia

I started planning my trip to Croatia back in February when I realized that I had a week between the end of work and my departure back to Europe. As soon as I realized that I had the time available, I book the trip immediately! I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see...

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Stephanie in Spain – Forever Dreaming of Salzburg

My trip to Salzburg had been one that I had been looking forward to for so many months! Between the Sound of Music, Mozart and just the general beauty of Austria, I had a feeling that this would be my absolute favorite trip in Europe and as of now, it definitely is!...

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Stephanie in Spain – Weekend in San Sebastian

Two weekends ago, I had a wonderful trip to San Sebastian, a beach town in the north of Spain, with my coworker Nicole. Although much of the time it was raining and we were constantly battling that, I really enjoyed the city, the beach and enjoying the much-needed...

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Stephanie in Spain – Frühlingfest and Feria de Abril

The past two weeks, I headed to two completely different spring festivals: Frühlingfest in Munich, Germany and Feria de Abril in Sevilla, Spain. Both are completely unique in their nature, but both offered a different insight into their culture and a new experience...

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Stephanie in Spain – When in Italy…

My week in Italy was one of my favorite trips for so many reasons. I decided to do a tour which I was initially nervous over but it turned out great. I wanted to see a lot of different cities and towns in Italy and get a nice first taste of it because I definitely...

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Gladys Magazine

While working at Gladys Magazine, I had many opportunities to interview celebrities and write about fantastic locations in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Read more below!

Gladys Magazine Woman of Wonder: Dominique Moceanu

This past fall, I was granted a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Olympian Dominique Moceanu at a book signing for her book, Off Balance. It was a wonderful interview that was featured in Gladys Magazine. Please click here to read and enjoy! -xoxo-

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An Evening Spent with Drake Bell

When most people think of actor and musician Drake Bell, they think of the teenage Nickelodeon star most famous for his characters in The Amanda Show such as Kyle in “Totally Kyle” segment as well as his role as Drake Parker in the hilariously notorious duo “Drake and...

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Timeless Audrey: The Time of My Life!

Hi everyone! As you all probably know, I am absolutely in love with Gladys Magazine and being a intern for such an inspirational and beautiful magazine is such an honor to me. After becoming a Gladys Girl for November of 2011, my involvement in the magazine grew more...

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